Revive - All in One Wax Polish

Revive All in One Wax Polish


Revive All in One Wax Polish


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Revive All in One Wax Polish

Revive is a top quality all in one wax polish for the professional restoration of used vehicle paintwork. Leaves a high gloss and gives outstanding weather protection.

  • Revives dull and tired paintwork restoring lustre and original new shine.
  • Hydrophobic wax preparation protects paintwork weathering.
  • Suitable for all motor vehicle finishes including acrylics, melamines, synthetic and cellulose.

Quantity: 500ml

Direction of use

Shake well before use. For optimum results ensure vehicle is clean, prepped and thoroughly dry before application. Using an applicator apply a thin even film. Leave to haze for a few minutes then polish off to a deep gloss with a clean soft cloth.

Protect from frost. Do not allow product to freeze.

Store product in ambient temperatures above 6 degress and below 30 degrees.

Health & Safety

Not classified but would advice wearing protective gloves to avoid skin cracking. Keep out of reach of children. Safety data sheet available for professional user on request. Contact us.


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