Exterior Car Detailing Products

Exterior Car Detailing Products

Exterior car detailing products from Wasabi Car Care. Here is almost everything you need to continue detailing your car. Our exterior car cleaning products are ideal for restoring car body work back to show room quality.

Car Washing

Firstly, we recommend car washing using Car Spa Shampoo Detergent. Our all in one car washing solution.

Secondly, we recommend Last Touch Quick Detailing Spray. This spay is quick and easy to apply. It also delivers a hydrophobic finish. Use on all paintwork, plastics, glass, metals and car surrounds.

Chrome and Stainless Steel?

We recommend Crystal Vision because its detergent cleans exterior body work aswell as chrome and stainless steel surfaces brilliantly. Suitable glass and mirrors too.
See also our microfibre applicators pads and wash pads.

Wheel Rims

We have just what you need to clean and restore wheel arches and rims. Try our Wheel Rims Acid Free Cleaner and Wheel Rims Contaminants Cleaner. 

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