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Crystal Vision - 500ml

A powerful cleaning agent containing a high level of detergents for rapid drying to leave a smear free finish Suitable on glass, mirrors, tv’s, vdu screens, chrome and stainless steel.

Leather Cleaner - 500ml

A unique leather cleaning detergent for cleaning and refreshing of leather upholstery and trim. Spray sparingly onto surface. Do not over apply or saturate on to leather.

Revive - 500ml

Revive is a top quality all in one wax polish for the professional restoration of used vehicle paintwork. This leaves a high gloss finish and gives outstanding weather protection.

Versatile Multi Purpose Dressing - 500ml

Versatile multi purpose dressing is designed to enhance the look of tyres, wheel arches, engine bay and exterior trims. It can also be used to enhance interior plastics.

Intensive vehicle care products designed to protect the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Available form from Wasabi Car Care Ltd.